Atenas, Costa Rica “The Best Climate in the world”

 La Jacaranda Apartments is located in Atenas, Costa Rica. The small rural town is known for having the best climate of the world.  A town hosting eternal spring, fresh mornings, about 80 degrees at noon and cool nights. We have twelve fully equipped, apartments with two bedrooms, two bathrooms. All units have a great mountain-view.  Situated few minutes walk to the Atenas downtown. Several supermarkets, shopping stores, and also medical center around the downtown.

La Jacaranda.

La Jacaranda Apartments is situated approx. 40 miles from San Jose Downtown and 25 miles form the Juan Santa Maria International Airport.

The gated and guarded complex has great amenities, such as lap pool, sun terraces, 2 Jacuzzi’s, tennis court, ample parking. Two ranchos give you ample space and time to further. We offer free hot and cold water, WIFI.  You can use a fully equipped gym and much more. The farm has a lush garden, with many different fruit trees, palms and flowering plants.

The most essential component of life is air. Without it we die within 5 minutes. Most of us live in cities and live most part of our lives in, offices and cars. Evenings we usually spend in front of TV sets or closed areas. These environments are not good for our respiratory system.  Hacienda la Jacaranda, located in a mountain valley, has unlimited amounts of pure air, free for you to breath.